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The King of Pirates Sailing in

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The King of Pirates Sailing in

Post by Monkey D. Luffy/Cap on Mon Apr 27, 2015 12:28 am

I am a tester for the clan (Rivals), and it seems I am always needing help. No prob tho since I end up doing it correctly in the long run. F8 and NoMercy are the best teachers I have ever had. Remember never to fear the ways to ask a simple possibly stupid question. You will get it as soon as you learn the answer. I love blue-eyes. But a fair fan to Dark magician. I love cars and superheroes. I am currently trying to type up a book I simply wrote myself and m8 actually get it published some day. Plus I love any anime. So help me with some good anime shows guys. I am also the Captain Monkey D. Luffy. And The leader Son Goku. 
Monkey D. Luffy/Cap
Monkey D. Luffy/Cap

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