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Familiar-Possessed Deck

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Familiar-Possessed Deck

Post by Nami on Mon May 04, 2015 7:06 pm

Alright, alright, it's everyone's favorite, Hentai_Baka here~ And I'm about to talk about Familiar Possessed!

What is this..??
You ever seen cards like "Jigabyte," "Inari Fire," and "Nefarious Archfiend of Nefariousness??"
Well you better understand why they're good!! Lol.
Jigabyte lets you search out your Inaris and your Archfiends, which you can combo together in XYZ plays.
Your Archfiend died?? No problem, destroy Inari fire at the end phase, and special summon him with his float effect. Then bring back inari with her ability during your standby phase. Jiga gets em' out and then you can combo with your "Familiar-possessed" monsters. The deck is great for rank 4 XYZ summons.

In combonation with some of the "Familiar-Possesed" cards, like Wynn and Dharc, some cool stuff can happen.
The deck revolves around the continuous trap "Unpossessed" and making all of your monsters into floaters. "Unpossessed" Says that whenever a monster you control is destroyed (in general,) you can special summon a spellcaster with 1500DEF points from your deck. Also, whenever you attack with a "Familiar-Possessed" monster, it gains 800 attack. You can get out any of your "Familiar-Possessed" monsters, or any spellcaster with 1500DEF...(Say hello, Injection Fairy Lily... Cool )

Hidden Village of the Spellcasters
This is a GREAT field spell in this deck. Most of your big monsters (The Familiar-Possessed monsters) are spellcasters, so your opponent won't be able to activate spells! So Nekroz can be shut-down for awhile, especially if you lock them out with "Injection Fairy Lily"
Just make sure you have a spellcaster on deck at ALL times Wink

This deck is a slight change of pace, and is a little newer to the's considered a Tier 9 deck, which isn't very good...but it can win you some games against people who aren't expecting it to be played.
if ANYONE needs help with building the deck, or needs to learn to play it, I will be teaching, as the Resident expert of the deck~

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