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the Black Chaos Magicians Rubric

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the Black Chaos Magicians Rubric Empty the Black Chaos Magicians Rubric

Post by Monkey D. Luffy/Cap on Sun Apr 19, 2015 8:59 am

You will be tested by NoMercy.

you will be tested by his standards as long as it is an average to 100.

He will be making the official Rubric to this area.
It will be his choice whether you pass and Be a Black Chaos Magician

  1. If you feel you deserve this express your concerns with him in the chatbox.
  2. This is not my Area to tell when you get the position or not it is his.
  3. to get here you have to have a 95 out 100: Black Chaos Magician (special test for NoMercy)
  4. The results will come direct from the original ranking test.
  5. That would mean you would have to be a Chaos Magician first before you become a (Black Chaos Magician).
  6. The only ways you can achieve (Black is the above options) 3,4,5.
Monkey D. Luffy/Cap
Monkey D. Luffy/Cap

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