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rothuith test results

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 rothuith test results Empty rothuith test results

Post by 6 sam on Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:14 pm

outcome: 20/20 kept control against my archfiends so pretty good and won both times
deck: 20/20 dragunity deck with 45 cards and got the cards he wanted within a turn or so
rule questions: 5/5 very good at ruling and guessed at the last one and got it right
Attitude: 20/20 very fun and nice and
strategy: 20/20 keptcontrol of the field easly so very good strategy
side deck: 15/15

GREAT JOB you are the first person to get a perfect score by me. You are a Chaos Magician great job. Smile
6 sam
6 sam

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